Common Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontia is the dental science focused on correcting the position and bite of your teeth with braces and similar devices. If you have orthodonticscrooked teeth, gaps, crowding, or an overbite, orthodontics can help. One of the orthodontic treatments offered by our dentists Dr. Frank Visintini and Dr. Merryl Visintini at Visintini Dental in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY may be just what you need to get your smile back on track.

Orthodontic Treatments
There are a number of reasons why you should see your dentist about orthodontic treatment if you’re unhappy with your smile. One reason is that braces can realign your teeth so that they aren’t crooked or crowded. Orthodontic devices also help close unattractive gaps between the teeth where food can get trapped. Braces can also fix or lessen an overbite or underbite. There are a few common orthodontic treatments that you should consult your dentist about.

Metal Braces
The standard choice for advanced orthodontic problems is metal braces. Your dentist creates a model and treatment plan that will shift your teeth into a better position using metal brackets and wires. This treatment may take up to three years and is most common for pre-teens and teens.

Patients who do not want to deal with wearing metal braces or brackets often opt for Invisalign. Instead of living with brackets permanently attached to your teeth for up to three years, you will wear removable clear plastic trays over your teeth. The teeth gently conform to the shape of each tray over time. With Invisalign, you can eat what you want without discomfort and take the “braces” off when needed.

Which Treatment Is Right for You?
A dentist at Visintini Dental in Bay Ridge, NY can tell you which of these orthodontic treatments will work best for you. Call the office today at 718-748-1710 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Frank or Merryl Visintini.